4**** Designhotel madlein▪

Lounge & BAR

The bar of design and pleasure hotel madlein is always worth a visit!

During the day, a cozy and comfortable fireplace lounge that invites you to relax and enjoy, at night it becomes a pulsating cocktail bar, where you can indulge yourself with new, unusual and well-served creations. People are networking in the madlein the bar is a special place to take off in the evening with fine drinks and to prepare for the pulsating night in Ischgl in stylish atmosphere. No matter if you are a party girl or wearing a suit, in the bar of the hotel madlein contacts are quickly made and all sorts of lifestyle people are welcome.

After all, we are here in Ischgl.

The dedicated bar staff are always creating new, inventive and tasty cocktails for you and his ingenuity can hardly be stopped.


DAILY 11:00 AM – 4:00 AM OR LONGER

Chillout in the lounge with an open fireplace to relax

A place to snuggle up by the open fireplace. Feel good. A good bottle of wine with a little tasting.
Look into the flickering fire and watch the dancing flames.
Look out while large snowflakes fall from the sky and turn the place into a winter wonderland.
Feel good. Have a good time. Recharge energy.